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Advanced Multifunction Integrated Systems (MFR+EW)

1- Generalities

AMIS Advanced Multifunction Integrated Systems (MFR+EW) is a “Super-Integrated System” composed of one Multi Function Radar (MFR), one advanced digital ESM and one advanced digital ECM sub-systems.
The great advantage of AMIS is the fact that the overall performances are much better of the performances provided by each individual sub-system. In fact, many of the high performances functions are achieved by exploiting functions of the other sub-systems. Beside the high performances, a great saving of hardware is also achieved, obtaining, as a result, a more reliable system already conceived to operate successfully in an Integrated Ship’s Mast. The AMIS architecture allows to save a lot of on board integration effort and will allow a significant save in the logistic support.
AMIS exploits an X Wide Band MFR (called MFR 10X), composed of 4 fixed AESA (Active Electronically Steering Antenna) faces working in the X RF Wide Band.

2- AMIS Main Features

➢ X Wide Band
➢ Electronic beam steering over 360 degrees with four AESA antennas
➢ High Level Programmable waveforms & modes
➢ Full Digital Processing
➢ Simultaneous Search and Tracking &
Spectrum Management
➢ Monopulse Processing
➢ FFT Spectrum Analysis
➢ 2D & 3D TWS
➢ Single Target Tracking
➢ Very effective ECCM Techniques
➢ High Sensitivity and POI integrated ESM
➢ High ESM Dynamic Range
➢ High Traffic Handling (pulsed and CW)
➢ ELINT class measurements
➢ Fully integrated ECM
➢ Multithreats ECM capability
➢ Low Weight, Volume and Power Consumption
➢ Very high Cost-Effectiveness
➢ Reduced Logistic Support effort

3 - AMIS Architecture and C omposition

➢ X Wide Band AESA (8-12 GHz)
➢ AMU (AMIS Manager Unit ):
▪ Programmable Radar Functions
▪ ESM processing
▪ ECM jamming signals
▪ Integrated Functions
▪ Interface Combat Mgt Sys (CMS)
➢ ESM Array:
▪ 2-18 GHz pre amplified ESM antennas array
▪ 0.5 -2 GHz ESM antennas array (option)
➢ ECM Arrays - Low Band and High Band: these are small wide band AESA antennas for the jamming signals amplification and transmission in the right direction with the necessary ERP. Frequency coverage: 2 to 18 GHz.

4 - AMIS Main Performances MFR

Air Surveillance detection range (on Fighters): 80-180 Km
Surface target detection range: 60 Km
Anti-ship missile detection range (with multipath): 24 Km
Periscope detection range: 15 Km
OTH surface target detection range: 300 Km
TWS (2D/3D) tracks 256
Single target tracking (up to 4) accuracy 1 mrd
Freq coverage: 2-18 GHz 6 – 18 GHz (2-6 GHz option)
Max. Wide Open sens. -80 dBm ERP 65 dBm (100 dBm in 8-12 GHz)
Max. sensitivity -100 dBm Electronic Attack and SPJ
(in 8-12 GHz) Jamming Programs Programmable
Emitters type any Multi-threats: 4+4
Traffic > 1 MPPS ECM antennas: small AESA-J (TX only)
Instant. Dynam. Range > 70 dB
DOA accuracy 3 ° (A+P DOA)
<1° (8-12 GHz)
ESM Tracks 256

AMIS Weight and Power Consumption

Total weight 1500 Kg
Above deck weight 1200 Kg
Total Power Consumption 65 KVA
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