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1- Generals

MFR-10X is a high performances X Band Multi Function Radar capable of simultaneous targets Search and accurate targets Tracking.
Moreover, MFR-10X integrates other special functions like Missile Illumination and LPI Navigation. Therefore many Search Radars and
all the Fire Control Radars of a ship can be replaced by just one MFR-10X, so achieving a significant reduction of the amount of the
equipment (cost saving and simplified Logistic Support) and an improvement of the Combat Management System capabilities (reaction
time) and a ship’s Radar Cross Section reduction as well as a contribution to the ship’s Radar Cross Section reduction.

The strong points of MFR-10X are the X band utilisation (that makes affordable a four fixed AESA antenna solution) and the “smart”
techniques that compensate the well known limits relevant to the use of the X Band. This approach leads to a modern MFR installable
also on board of small ships (Corvette class).

2- MFR-10X Main Features

 X Band
 Four fixed faces high efficiency AESA Antenna
 High Level Programmable waveforms and modes
 Full Digital Processing
 Digital Adaptive Matched Filter
 Programmable mono and bi-dimensional CFAR thresholds
 Monopulse Processing
 Pulse Doppler Processing
 FFT Spectrum Analysis
 2D or 3D TWS
 Single Target Tracking (Range, Velocity, Azimuth, Elevation)
 Non Cooperative Target Identification
 High ECM Immunity (very effective ECCM Techniques)

3- MFR-10X Architecture and Composition

MFR-10X is composed of the following main advanced units.
 X Band AESA (Active Electronically Steering Antenna)
MFR-10X utilises four solid state fixed AESA antennas working in the 8-12 GHz band. The antennas receive from PRP
(Programmable Radar Processor) the radar signals to be radiated and send back to PRP the received echo signals in form
of Sum (for detection), and Delta Azimuth-Delta elevation (for tracking purposes). Moreover, the antennas receive from
PRP also the horizontal and vertical beam pointing directions and the TX-RX command.

 PRP Unit (Programmable Radar Processor): “high level programmable” unit used for signals generation and received
signals processing. Its programming Mainframe allows a very easy programming of almost all practical radar modes.

 MMU (MFR Manager Unit): unit used to manage the MFR in stand-alone operations.

 APS (Antenna Power Supply) to provide the necessary d.c. power to the AESA Antenna.

4- MFR-10X Main Operational Modes

The MFR-10X main Operational Modes, that can work in “interlaced” way, are:

VRS Volumetric Radar Search: detection of air targets.
LRS Longe Range Search: in particular angular sectors
FSS Fast Surface Search: fast detection of sea-skimmer missiles
SSS Slow Surface Search: detection of low doppler surface targets
PDM Periscope Detection Mode: high range discrimination for periscope isolation
STT Single Target Tracking: accurate tracking of up to 4 simultaneous targets
IMI ICW Missile Illumination: for Interrupted CW missiles operations
LPI Low Probability of Intercept: for covert navigation
OTH Over The Horizon: far surface targets detection in super-propagation

5- MFR-10X Main Performances

Fully Programmable (Waveforms and Operating Modes)
Frequency Coverage 8 to 12 GHz
Angles Coverage: Azimuth 360°
Elevation up to +80°
Clutter rejection (land, sea and rain) >60dB
Radar full scale 300 Km
Air targets (fighter) detection up to 180 Km
Anti ship missile detection (free space): 40 Km
Anti ship missile detection (with multipath) 25 Km
Periscope Detection 25 Km
Accurate Angles Tracking accuracy 1 mrd rms
TWS Channels up to 256
ECCM Capabilities several techniques programmable according to the radar mode

Weight and Power Consumption (Extended Configuration)

Total weight 1500 Kg
Above deck: 4 AESA 1080 Kg
Under deck: 4 APS 200 Kg
2 EPRS 200 Kg
1 Heat Exchanger 150 Kg, 3 KW (option)
Total Power Consumption 65 KVA
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