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C-D Radar is derived from the NAS-22S family of advanced 3D Multifunction Radar (MFR) in S Band, based on Digital Array Radar (DAR) technology. C-D Radar is modular and can be provided to get an azimuth coverage of 360° or 180°. The DAR technology is modular and exploits Virtualabs Bricks (VBR). The 360° coverage version exploits 16 VBrs divided in four faces, while the version covering 180° is composed of 8 VBRs divided in two faces. Each VBR is composed of 16 TRM fully controlled in digital form.

C-D Radar will be designed by exploiting the most advanced technologies to cope with the present and future very demanding search and tracking requirements. Beside the superior performances, the exploitation of the most advanced technologies makes C-D Radar a very cost-effective systems. The digital AESA antenna utilizes Gallium Nitrate technology (GaN) to generate the radiated power. In particular, the stability and phase coherency provided by the DAR solution allows to get very high clutter cancellation. The advanced digital array will allow to perform the Digital Beam Forming (DBF) at array element level to generate the beams necessary to cope with the situation by just adapting the control software.

In fact, C-D Radar will be a fully software controlled Multifunction Radar (MFR) able to search and at the same time to accurately track any targets with its monopulse antenna architecture.

Expected Key Features
PW Types (programmable): Simple pulse or Chirp MOP.
Radar Modes: Normal or Pulse Doppler
Max instrumental Range: > 100 Km (programmable)
Min. Range: 200 m
3D Angle coverage: 360° Az or 180°
Elevation Coverage (programmable): up to hemispherical
Number of TWS tracking channel (programmable): up to 256
Very high data rate (Antenna Scan Period): down to 2 sec
Very accurate Single Target Tracking: monopulse technique
Very high reliability
Graceful degradation
Enormous growth potential by only FW/SW upgrading

Digital Array Face dimension: 0.5 x 0.5m x 0.1 m.
Number of faces: 4 for 360° azimuth coverage;
                               2 for 180° azimuth coverage
Low weight: 55 Kg for 360° Az. coverage;
                     30 Kg for 180° Az. coverage.

C-D Radar Detection expected capability:
Targets of 0.01 sqm (e.g. small Drones): up to 8 Km
Targets of 1 sqm (e.g. small boats): up to 25 Km
Targets of 5 sqm (e.g. small aircrafts) : up to 38 Km
Target of 1000 sqm (e.g. ships): > 100 Km (depending on the antenna height)
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