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Radar & EW Sytems Innovation

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1- Introduction

In recent years, the solid state high power Gallium Nitrate (GaN) technology has matured and reached very interesting results. At the same time, the fast digital processing implemented in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) increased enormously the processing power.
These advanced technologies allowed Virtualabs to develop and deliver many advanced radar solutions, both for Fire Control Radars and for Search Radars.

2- NAS 15S

NAS 15S is an S Band Naval Advanced Search (NAS) Radar, based on the most updated technologies: solid state GaN transmitter and FPGA for real time radar digital processing.
It is composed of:
• one 3.5x0.5 meter fan beam antenna completed with is rotating stabilized pedestal. The Fan Beam antenna is characterized by a 28 dB typical gain.
• one Transmitting-Receiving Unit (TRU).The radar video, the radar Plots and the radar Tracks output are sent in digital form to Combat Management System’s Consoles.
• one digital Servo Box Unit
• one Radar Control Panel. A radar Console is an option.

NAS 15S is characterized by a very high MTBF that will imply a reduced Logistic Support effort. Moreover, the few parts composing the system and the full digital processing will simplify the radar maintenance.
Moreover, the low transmitted peak power (3000 W instead of hundreds kilowatt) will add to the Search Radar a “quasi” LPI (Low Probability of Intercept) characteristics.

For old ships that require a cost-effective modernization, where the installed search antenna pedestal are already available, NAS 15S can be successfully used to replace the many old naval Search Radar units, saving at the same time a lot of the installation. The upgraded radar, while keeping the same detection performances of the old Search Radar, will add other important features (e.g. Strong Pulse Compression, Pulse Doppler mode, etc.) and will eliminate the old costly assemblies (e.g. High Voltage Power Supply, TWT, Cathode Ray Tubes, etc.). They will be replaced by solid state GaN transmitter, LCD display and FPGA based fast digital processing.
In the case of radar modernization, the old antenna rotating and stabilized pedestal will be upgraded by changing the old Synchro-tacho-motor system with a modern encoder-motor kit that mates the digital Servo Box Unit.

3- NAS 15S Main Features

a) Instrumental Range: 200 Km
b) High elevation coverage (> 60 degrees)
c) Solid state (GaN) transmitter technology.
d) “Quasi” LPI characteristics.
e) Fast digital processing on re-programmable FPGA.
f) Digital Servo unit.
g) Very high MTBF
h) Low Weight, Volume and Power Consumption; Simple Installation.

4- NAS 15S Architecture

The NAS 15S architecture is the classical one and it is illustrated in the relevant figure. This Naval Search Radar can be easily interconnected with the Combat Management System and the available ship’s bus.

5- Radar Presentation example

A typical 20” LCD display and control panel for NAS 15S is reported in the figure. The presentation and control are software controlled and can be adapted to the user needs.
The whole radar Console unit is an option.

6- NAS 15S Installation characteristics

TRU: Dimensions 1350x630x400 mm
Weight 90 Kg (approx.)
SBU: Dimensions 1100 x 400 x 400 mm
Weight 70 Kg (approx.)01.
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