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Radar & EW Sytems Innovation

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Multifunction Integrated System

Introduction to MIS

MIS (Multifunction Integrated System) is the evolution of the AMIS (Advanced Multifunction Integrated System) that was developed for the Italian Navy to verify the increased capabilities of an AESA Multi-Function Radar when integrated with an EW System.

Many are the improvements given by the Radar-EW integration: Longer Radar Range against radar emitting targets, better ESM Direction Finding accuracy in the RF band covered by the radar AESA antenna, higher Jamming ERP in the RF Band covered by the radar AESA antenna, etc..

MIS consists of the integration two equipment developed by VL, the MFR 10X radar and the DESM EW equipment.
MFR 10X is an X band AESA MFR, while DESM is the Digital ESM able to transform in digital form all input signals up to 18 GHz.
DESM includes a wide Instantaneous Bandwidth DRFM able to deal with all the 2-18 GHz spectrum. DESM is capable to generate coherent and not coherent Jamming Signals that are radiated at high ERP by the MFR 10X AESA antenna in its whole X band (8 to 12 GHz).

MIS is controlled by the MIS Manager Unit that includes a scheduler able to open timed “time windows” to manage the Radar and EW processes compatibility according to the operational situation requirement.
Other function of the MIS Manager is to present to the operator a comprehensive scenario of the Radar and EW tracks, so that data fusion and threat identification allow fast operational decision.


MIS Key Features

Architecture: Single AESA face on rotating platform;
Operating Bandwidth: 8 to 12 GHz;
ERP: >100dBm;
Antenna Beam width: 3°x30 (typical);
Instrumental Radar Range: up to 150 Km;
3D Instantaneous Angle coverage: 90° Az x near up to 90°El.;
Single Target Tracking accuracy: (suitable for artillery guidance);
ECCMs: many techniques available (programmable);
Weight : 400 kg;
Antenna: 1300x1300x300 mm;
Processor: 600x700x500 mm;
AESA P.S.: 600x500x500 mm;
Power Consumption: 10 KVA;

Receiver type: WO channelized;
Bandwidth: 2 to 18 GHz;
Sensitivity: -70 dBm;
Tracks number: up to 256;
Number of DRFMs: 4;
Jamming Program: all standard Jamming Techniques (Programmable);
Weight: 40 kg;
Dimensions: 450x400x400 mm (DFU); 600x200x400 mm (DMU);
Power Consumption: 0.75kW.
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