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Radar & EW Sytems Innovation


Radar & EW Sytems Innovation

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Electromagnetic Surveillance and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) are of capital importance to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. In the past, these functions were carried out by penetrating in the potentially hostile territory or by flying nearby with dedicated air platforms. Of course this type of missions is quite risky for the aircraft crew and could create dangerous international situations as it has been demonstrated i.e. during the “Hainan accident” on April 1, 2001.
It is very important to get updated information relevant to radars deployed in a potentially hostile territory. The Electromagnetic Surveillance should be carried out frequently, specially to control the deployment of Search/Acquisition systems controlling the Surface to Air Missile (SAM) Fire Stations. It is to be considered that many SAM sites can be relocated in less than one day.

The Electromagnetic Surveillance, acquiring information relevant to both the enemy radars parameters and their geo-locations, will allow, when necessary, the best enemy territory penetration operations planning, both to nullify the enemy radars effectiveness by Electronic Attack or to avoid the enemy SAM batteries.

The new approach is to perform the Electromagnetic Surveillance - ELINT from space: by selecting the proper electromagnetic RF band, can be obtained strategic and tactical information on deployed radars in a potentially hostile territory.
Space EM Surveillance makes possible to get accurate information updated every hour for many years, without risking provocative and dangerous airborne missions and saving personnel and platforms cost.

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