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Circular Electronic Scan Antenna

CESA 32 is a Circular Electronic Scan Antenna (CESA) to be connected to a modern IFF Interrogator that meets today’s requirements of naval and ground applications.

CESA 32 has been designed to comply with the MIL-DTL-29563A operational performances.

CESA 32 is realized by utilizing the most advanced electronic components, resulting in a high performances and very cost-effective solution.

CESA 32 can be connected to any type of modern IFF interrogator and it is the best solution for ships utilizing a 3D Multifunction Radar with fixed AESA antennas faces. In fact, these modern radars move the radar beam electronically and cannot provide anymore a rotating support for IFF antenna.

CESA 32 is provided with RF input/output Sum and Difference (Delta) antenna patterns for ISLS function. Optionally CESA 32 can be provided with a single input/output with internal high-power switch commanded by the standard trigger to select between Sum and Delta antenna channels.

The antenna array has 32 radiating elements and produces 1024 beam positions controlled by external digital beam steering commands. It is worth to note that when integrated to an advanced 3D MFR, the Combat Management System normally will be able to accurately point the VL-CESA 32 beams at the right direction, despite the ship’s pitch, roll and yaw. Otherwise, optionally, an electronic beam stabilization can be provided: in this case the VL-CESA 32 should receive also Pitch, Roll, Yaw and target elevation information.

CESA 32 is composed of three elements:
- Two semi-circular antenna arrays assemblies having an internal diameter of less than 1.6 meters, for an easy installation around the ship’s mast top;
- One Electronic Scan Unit (ESU), containing all the necessary circuits to distribute the RF power and digitally control the antenna beam position and the system BIT;
A set of RF cables, phase invariant, to connect the ESU unit to the antenna arrays assemblies.

VL-CESA 32 : Parameters

Transmit Frequency: 1030 MHz
Receive Frequency: 1090 MHz
Polarization: Vertical
Transmit Max Power: 2 KW (both Sum or Delta Beams)
Max Duty: 10%
Transmit Format: all modern IFF standards
Sum Beam shape: Gain: 16 dB
Horizontal Beamwidth: 12°
Vertical Beamwidth: 40°
Coverage: 360°
ISL effective beamwidth: Sum/Difference 3° (two-ports)
Beam Position Correction: yes
Electronic Beam Stabilization: option ( (P,R,Y and Target elevation required)
Number of beam positions: 1024
Beam positioning time : < 50 us
Input Power Supply 115V, 50-60Hz; 300W


Beam Position Command: external
Integration CMS and Interrogator

Environmental Capabilities:

External Units Temperature: -28°C to +65°C
Internal Units Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity: 0% to 95%
Icing: 0.2 Kg/square dm
Storage: -62°C to +75°C
Dimensions and weight
Semicircular Array:
external diameter: 2.0 m
internal diameter: 1.6 m
Height: 0.4 m
Weight: 40 Kg (including relevant RF cables)
Electronic Scan Unit
Dimensions: W: 0.35 m; D: 0.2 m; H: 0.65 m
Weight:: 15 Kg
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