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1- Generals

DESM-IM is a DESM system adapted to be installed in one Integrated Mast. Its processing is similar to that of DESM, the new advanced “all digital” ESM System based on the new technology of direct RF sampling, up to 18 GHz, capable of providing very advanced performances and, at the same time, such to be implemented in very few digital electronic modules, Software/Firmware controlled. The difference of DESM-IM is that the DFU (Direction Finding Unit) has been doubled to allow not only its installation in the mast, but also to provide an even greater Direction Finding accuracy.
DESM-IM is characterized by the following features:

-All digital with Direct RF Sampling
-Wide-open architecture to grant 100% Probability of Intercept (POI)
-Strong channelization with eight wideband Digital Receivers (DRX)
-High Sensitivity over the whole RF range and over 360°
-High Dynamic Range
-High Traffic handling (Pulses and CW)
-Immunity against interferences thanks to the channelization
- Very accurate and reliable emitter’s parameters measurements
(Amplitude, Frequency, DOA, PW, PRI, MOP Flag, ASP)
-Elint performances based on digital processing
(analysis, fingerprinting, identification, location, etc.)
-Low weight, Volume and Power Consumption
- Simple Installation

2- DESM-IM Architecture

DESM-IM is composed of three units: 2 DFU (Direction Finding Unit) and one DMU (Digital Management Unit). The Man Machine Interface (MMI) is achieved or by means of one local Console (a PC) or by means of a multipurpose console of the Combat System.
DESM-IM has the capability to instantaneously cover the whole frequency range of interest (e.g. 2 – 18 GHz) over 360 degrees of angular coverage and, at the same time, to perform emitters detection and measurements at high sensitivity, thanks to the exploitation of two main technologies:

➢ A proprietary Front-End, based on the direct RF sampling of signals received by the ESM array antennas in the RF band from 2 to 18 GHz. The direct RF sampling converts immediately RF signals into a stream of digital words (PDMs: Pulse Descriptor Messages).
➢ A proprietary Digital Receiving System based on 4+4 DRXs capable of processing the digitized
signals to generate millions of extremely accurate PDMs at high rate. The generated PDMs are sent via an Optical Fiber dedicated link to DMU.

The DMU has the task to extract, from the stream of PDMs, the emitters present in the scenario, by means of proper de-interleaving algorithms and to provide the exhaustive set of their parameters and notations.

The strong channelization in the DRX system allows to solve the conflicting requirements of advanced ESM systems, i.e. to get at the same time both high Sensitivity and high POI.

Moreover, the channelization allows both accurate measurements in a very high traffic conditions and a very high robustness to interferences in extreme conditions.
The emitters detected in the DMU are managed and presented in the most suitable way in the rugged PC display or in the ESM Console, for a correct operator information exploitation.

The reported emitters information is completed by the Identification data resulting from the comparison with the Identification Library which is available together a "Library Editor" for its compilation.


DESM-IM provides a user friendly MMI (Man Machine Interface) on an external PC/Console. The MMI presentations of the detected emitters include modes like Tabular, Cartesian (Frequency/DOA), Tactical.

4- DESM installation characteristics (Naval/Ground)

DESM: Power Consumption 1000 W (115-220 Vac; 50-60 Hz)
DFU: Dimensions 414 x 435 x 150 mm
Weight 20 Kg (approx)
DMU: Dimensions 177 x 483 x 400 mm
Weight 15 Kg (approx)
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